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ace beauty nostalgia Eyeshadow palette

৳ 2,880.00
Shade Breakdown
  1. Beach (matte)
  2. ‪Popsicle (matte)
  3. ‪Stargazing (metallic)
  4. ‪Theme Park (matte)
  5. ‪Water Slide (matte)
  6. ‪Heat (metallic)
  7. ‪Raspberry (matte)
  8. Picnic (matte)
  9. ‪Camping (matte)
  10. Fun (metallic)
  11. ‪Flower (matte)
  12. ‪Vacation (matte)
  13. ‪Flip Flops (matte)
  14. ‪Carnival (matte)
  15. Hiking (matte)

Ace Beaute Bronzed In Paradise Palette

৳ 1,935.00
Ace Beaute Bronzed In Paradise Palette that will make you look like a total beach Beauté all year long, with the perfect all-over glow. The Bronzed In Paradise Palette features four blendable formulas suitable for all skin tones and perfect for defining your features. Plus, the smoothly milled texture of the powders makes it easy to apply and gives you a natural-looking finish that lasts all day. So grab your beach bag and get ready to glow!