Face Powder: An Makeup Item Which Has Been Being Used Since The Ancient Egypt Age

Face powder is one of the most commonly used facial makeup items all over the world. People especially women desire to have a perfectly pretty look during their daily activities. They want a glowing face while they are around a bunch of people. Thatโ€™s why women are using face powder since the ancient Egyptian era. Archeologists found many types of beauty-enhancing items engraved with higher society Egyptian women. The primary function of face powder is to set all facial makeups and helps them to last a long time. Well formulated face powder does not only sets makeup, but it also allows the skin to breathe and doesn’t make cakey.

Chalk Known As White Lead Was The Main Ingredients Of Ancient White Tone Face Powder.

People especially women have been using facial makeup items since the ancient Egyptian period. Around 2000 BC to 1200 Bc, not only Egyptian women but also Egyptian higher society men used different types of makeup items to enhance their facial impression. In the Egyptian age, they used Kohl jars to store eyeliner and stone containers for face powder. The main material of those face powders was white lead. This culture spread all over the European and Asian areas.

By getting inspired by the Egyptians, Greek and Roman women also started using facial makeup to doll them up. Greek women used a mixture of cinnabar as powdered rouge and white lead as white tone face powder. From around 770 BC to 476 BC this culture also touched Chinese people. The early form of Chinese face powder was prepared. This culture started to spread at more pace. Thus Chinese people also got touched by ed by grinding fine people used these first-generation face powders from ancient to crusade, medieval age. During these times almost all of the facial beauty products contained harmful ingredients like lead, dye, bleach, etc.

Queen Elizabeth I, Used A White Tone Face Powder To Hide Small Pox Scars!!!!!!

Throughout the 16th-century people were continually using lead base powders. Women of noble class like Queen Elizabeth I used face powder to be noticeable in their courts. Queen Elizabeth I, used face powder to hide her scars of smallpox. But due to containing toxic materials, the use of lead base powders became decreasing in the Victoria era. Noticeable makeup items became less popular cause women wanted to have a more naturally beautiful look than a noticeable makeup look. So they started using powder derived from zinc oxide to maintain ivory-colored skin. Thus face powder stepped into the modern age of facial makeup.

Modern makeup brands invented powders of different types to serve multiple functions. There are six types of modern powder based on different uses:

  • Loose Powder: Loose powder is translucent or colored face powder. It is generally packaged in a jar. Its fine consistency with small particles is used to give a light coverage for a smooth and silky texture.
  • Pressed Powder: Itโ€™s a compressed powder that provides travel-friendly nature. Pressed powder gives coverage to the face by concealing blemishes and discolorations.
  • Mineral Powder: Mineral powder is a form of loose powder that contain vitamin and minerals to provide health benefits to the skin including anti-inflammatory qualities
  • Translucent Powder: Translucent powder is used to mattify the skin and to reduce oiliness and shine. This powder is available in both pressed and loose forms.
  • HD Powder: In film industries, people use HD Powdrs to prevent camera flashbacks. It’s also available in both loose and pressed forms.
  • Finishing Powder: Finishing powder mainly minimize pores and fine lines. It gives a final touch to complete facial makeup. It’s also available in both loose and pressed forms.

Toxic And Harmful Ingredients Are Very Rare In Modern Age Makeups.

Early-aged facial powder caused a lot of skin problems. But new-age makeup brands like Maybelline, Mac, Huda Beauty, etc are producing makeups with several precautions. Toxic and harmful chemicals are very rare now in makeup items. The most common ingredients of modern age face powder are

  • Silicon Oxide
  • Polymeric Carbohydrate
  • Silicate Mineral
  • Polimar
  • Silicon
  • Zircon
  • Zincite
  • Silicate
  • Oxygen
  • Magnesium
  • Carbonated salt, etc.

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