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Morphe Eye Stunners 6pc Eye Brush Set

৳ 4,320.00
Morphe Eye Stunners 6pc Eye Brush Set Dare to dazzle and leave 'em awestruck with the Morphe Eye Stunners 6-Piece Brush Collection, a 6 piece collection of ride-or-die eye brushes including a bag.

Boxy Charm Beauty Washing Machine

৳ 4,160.00
Boxy Charm Beauty Washing Machine easily cleans all of your makeup brushes and beauty blenders. Simply add warm water and any gentle cleanser of your choice.

Real Techniques Instapop Face Brush 1715

৳ 945.00
  • Real Techniques InstaPop Face Brush has dense, angled bristles to pick up and distribute powders evenly
  • RT 202 powder brush has a plush large head for sheer application for smooth and full coverage
  • Best used with powder foundations or setting powders
  • Provides smooth, high-definition results with tapered bristles to help blend powders seamlessly
  • Extended aluminum ferrules that are light weight, easy to use, and color coded
  • 100% Cruelty-Free and Vegan
  • Flawless Results
  • Easy to clean with Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Gel or Spray
  • Long Lasting Makeup Application
  • UltraPlush Synthetic Bristles

Real Techniques Filtered Cheek Brush 4026

৳ 765.00
The Real Techniques Filtered Cheek Brush 4026 has soft, flexible bristles to effortlessly apply makeup and skincare products for radiant, glowing skin. Use the Real Techniques Filtered Cheek Makeup Brush to apply blush, correctors, and serums for a fresh, natural flush.

Real Techniques Primer Brush 4271

৳ 1,035.00
No need to stick your hands directly into the jar and then on your face now with this more hygienic alternative. The primer brush is dual ended with our Real Techniques UltraPlushโ„ข synthetic bristles on one end and a stainless-steel scoop on the other. To use, first spoon primer out of jar and on to face with the scoop. Not only is this more hygienic than your hands โ€“ youโ€™re also getting the cooling benefits of stainless steel. Then evenly spread primer across face using brush end for a seamless blend. Pro tip: Let your primer sit on your skin for a few minutes prior to applying makeup. This can help to reduce makeup pilling and creasing.

Real Techniques Skincare Brush Duo 4270

৳ 1,215.00
Get make-up ready skin with the Real Techniques Skincare Brush Duo 4270 by using the scoop to apply and brush to smooth skincare favorites. Hands-free application of your favorite skincare products to help protect your products and your skin. These brushes are perfect for any skincare products that come in a jar format.

Technic Eyelash Curler

৳ 200.00
Technic Eyelash Curler is an amazing tool for opening up the eyes and enhancing the effects of mascara. Technic eyelash curler elongates and enhances your lashes, adding instant lift to even the shortest and straightest of them.