Foundation Price In Bangladesh: Discover The Best Deal On Your Perfect Match Foundation From Goodiesdeal’s Vast Collection Of Worlds Top Notch Brands

People especially women desire to own all the beauty essentials to doll them up. And Foundation is one of the most important basic makeup items of facial makeup. It’s a complete solution of facial makeup that provides all-over coverage to the face and hides all the pores and dark circles. It’s a little tricky to find the perfect shades and textures that match your skin tone. And that’s why Goodiesdeal has brought a wide range of different face foundations for certain types of skin from the world’s top-notch brands. Discover the best foundations that match your skin tone at goodiesdeal and get the best deal on the face makeup foundation price in Bangladesh.

History Of Foundation Makeup: Ancient Greeks, Romans, And Egyptians used Chalk Known As White Lead As Foundation Makeup.

Have we ever wonder why women are applying pigments on the top of perfectly good skin?? We may see their skins are perfect from a distance, But if you ever look closer you can see almost everyone has some little spots, pores on their face. And to bring a naturally enhanced beauty by hiding dark spots and pores women are using facial makeup since the ancient Egyptian period. Not only Egyptian but also Roman and Greek women used facial makeup to create an attractive impression. They used chalk known as white lead as face makeup foundation. If we were in that time we won’t have had the chance to think about the foundation price in Bangladesh then.

Does the foundation cause hair loss, rotten teeth, and skin discoloration?

At the time of Queen Elizabeth 1, her makeup generals used a combination of lead and vinegar and applied it all over the face to hide spots of pores, smallpox. But this solution started to cause hair loss, rotten teeth, skin discoloration, etc according to Natgeo. Then Max Factor was the first company that brought a combination of Zinc Oxide, Glycerine, and Calamine lotion as a new version of foundation makeup at the time of 1930-1940. But that foundation only came in three shades white, pink and red. And at the same time, women started to use liquid foundation on their legs to get rid of stockings from their wardrobe.

Then in 1952 Coty came out with a tinted foundation known as ‘instant beauty’

It was free from grease, set on the skin very lightly, and never overdry. Thus the smart age of foundation makeup started and big brands started to bring foundations of different shades and textures for certain types of skin tones. We Goodiesdeal have a vast collection of foundation makeup from every top-notch brand. And we offer the best deal of foundation price in Bangladesh.

7 Myths Behind How To Get A Perfect Foundation Shade At The Best Price in Bangladesh

Foundation is the base of facial makeup. It works from fighting dark circles to hiding stubborn blackheads. But it is a little bit tricky to find the perfect match of foundation based on your skin tone. Thatswhy we brought almost every type of world top brands foundation makeup at the best deal on foundation price in Bangladesh.

Here are some tips on how to find perfect matching foundation makeup based on your skin tone:

  • Before buying a foundation, first, determine what kind of foundation do you need for your skin. For example: for sensitive skin, you will never want a foundation with fragrance and dye.
  • Choose the right foundation for the right undertone that suits your skin. The wrong shade of foundation will look like a mask on your face. You will get the best foundation price in Bangladesh.
  • Check the shades with neck, cheek, forehead, or hands, don’t use lighter shades than your skin tone. You will get a grayish look for that.
  • For a natural long-lasting look put your foundation in a thin layer.
  • Buy two shades of a foundation, lightest and darkest. Then mix both at the ratio you need for your perfect skin tone. This way you don’t have to depend on brands for your perfect matching shades.
  • For combination skin, use different shades of foundation on different sections of your face based on skin tone.
  • A new bride should not use SPF foundations. Cause SPF foundation reflects light. In the camera photo, the bride will look odd and cakey.

Experience the best deals on Foundation Price In Bangladesh At Goodiesdeal

We all know it’s a little tricky to find the perfect match of foundation makeup based on your skin tone. That’s why Goodiesdeal brought a vast collection of foundation makeup for each and every type of skin. Discover the best matching foundation for your skin type from our foundation collection. And get the best deal on foundation price in Bangladesh.


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